Starting a Fire

Weber Starter ChimneyThe days of lighting charcoal by stacking briquets in a pyramid shape and dousing them with lighter fluid are gone. We want a way to light our charcoal without imparting the smell and taste of lighter fluid to our food. To do this we will be using a Weber Rapidfire Starter Chimney.

Note: The follow directions and warnings are taken directly from Weber's literature on the Rapidfire Chimney Starter


  1. Turn the starter upside down.
  2. Crumple two full sheets of newspaper and stuff them into the bottom of the starter.
  3. Turn the starter right side up and place on the charcoal grate.
  4. Add appropreate amount of briquets but do not over fill.
  5. Strike a match, and insert into one of the bottom air vents to ignite the newspaper.
  6. When the top layer of briquets have a light coating of grey ash, carefully lift the starter using the barbeque mitts and empty the coals onto the charcoal crate, for either the direct or indirect cooking method.

    View the above video to see the Weber Chimney Starter in action


    • For outdoor use only.
    • Do not use gasoline, liquid fire starter or alcohol in the starter
    • Do not use any form of self lighting charcoal
    • Barbeque mitts should always be worn when handling the starter
    • Do not use the starter unless it is placed on a firm, level charcoal grate.
    • Do not use the starter in high winds
    • Do not wear loose clothing with fowing sleeves while lighting or using the starter
    • Do not use the starter for cooking or warming food.
    • Watch for hot sparks when pouring hot coals out of the starter.
    • Do not use the starter with a table top or small portable charcoal grill.
    • Do not use starter unless barbeque is on a firm, level, non combustible surface.
    • Keep starter away from children and pets at all times.
    • Only use starter to light charcoal briquets for charcoal barbecues.
    • Do not set the starter on a combustable surface unless the starter is completely cold.