Charcoal Versus Gas

Charcoal Versus Gas GrillsAre you looking to purchase a new grill and are not sure if you should get a charcoal or gas model, your not alone. Both types of grills have their advantages and disadvantages and you will need to weigh these inorder to get the type that will work best for you. I like to use the analogy of comparing gas griller to a photograper who clicks his shutter to quickly capture an image, Where as grilling with charcoal is more like the artist painting on a canvas to create his image. Even tho painting requires considerable more time, the end results have more flavor. Below we have sorted out the pros and cons of each type of grill so that you can make an informed decision.


  • Pros
    1. Gas is by far a more user friendly fuel source for grilling. You just turn on the gas, push a igniter button and you have instant flame. This is the main advantage of gas, no waiting 30 minutes for your charcoal to light before you can begin heating the grates.
    2. The second biggest advantage to a gas grill is the ease in which you can adjust the heat. The burners are controlled by simply turning a knob to increase heat.
    3. Another advantage is that gas is a greener way to grill as it burns cleaner than charcoal and is more economical.
  • Cons
    1. By far the major disadvantage of gas is the lack of flavor in food cooked on a gas grill. Even with the addition of wood chips for smoke flavor, food cooked on a gas grill just doesn't taste as good as that cooked over charcoal.
    2. Cooking with gas is just not as much fun. Speeding up the process of grilling reduces the time you spend on the patio with family and friends. Also, we all know how much fun it is to play with fire. it must be a primal thing.


  • Pros
    1. Taste, taste and taste. Food grilled or smoked with charcoal or wood has an unmistakable flavor that you can't get with a gas grill. Down south, it's a long lived tradition to grill over coals and any southern grill master will tell you, charcoal is the only way to go.
    2. It's just plain fun. I've seen men spend the entire weekend at a NASCAR race doing nothing but grilling, with the exception a few hours to enjoy the race and a few to sleep, they keep the coals going from early morning to late at night. Grilling with a charcoal grill in the back yard is just plain ole good time fun.
    3. Grilling with charcoal is very versatile, with practice at fire management, you can cook just about anything on a charcoal grill with great results.
  • Cons
    1. Cooking with charcoal can be messy. Dealing with the dust and coal before you start cooking and the ash clean up afterwards is not part of grilling with gas.
    2. Grilling with charcoal is slow. Even tho the time involved in grilling with charcoal can be fun, there are times when you just want to speed the process up. Like during the week after a long day at work or in times of inclement weather.
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Grilling for me is more than just a means of cooking but is a form of entertainment. I have been a charcoal griller all my adult life but maybe the convienience of a gas grill suites your lifestyle better. I guess the best of both worlds would be to own both types but whichever way you choose, I can only hope you have as much fun cooking outdoors as I do.